N2W – Network to Web

A client’s network includes elements such as their website and blog.  By optimizing clients’ networks, Emboodo promotes their brand and creates a funnel to complete their goals.


Emboodo utilizes both creative and technological techniques to improve client network infrastructure, and increases organic traffic from search engines.  Classic SEO methods include content optimization and keyword research.  Technological methods include; code readability, advance site mapping communications, and SEO software tools in order to attract visitors and encourage them to return.

Social Media

Emboodo incorporates Social Media elements into our clients’ networks in order to create a sense of community and to connect their networks with external social networks.

Digital PR

Emboodo includes Digital PR as part of our clients’ networks in order to add credibility to their site and create a centralized location for visitors to learn about their product and news updates.


Emboodo’s N2W analytical tools enable us to understand visitors behaviors on clients’ networks.  Once we have an understanding of how visitors are using the client network, Emboodo creates a funnel to encourage visitors to complete clients’ goals.