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March 10th, 2011

Confused about what exactly link building is and why it’s still one of the most important SEO techniques? Emboodo is here to help.

Link building is the same as references you are asked to give in an interview for a new job. Each one of them counts differently:

link building strategies

Implementing a W2W (web-to-web) strategy will enable you to create a web of traffic through link building.  Each network should be interconnected to each other and back to your site.  The networks will strengthen each other which in turn will strengthen your website.

Link Building is constantly evolving and redefining itself to meet search engine requirements.  A recent estimate of Google’s algorithm found that when determining a sites rank found the following:

  • 20%: Anchor text of External links
  • 22%: Link popularity of specific pages
  • 24%: Trust/Authority of Host Domain
  • 5%: Social Media Metrics
  • 6%: Traffic and CTR data
  • 7%: Registration and hosting data
  • 15%: On-Page Keywords usage

Link building is almost 50% of Google’s algorithm, and therefore a vital element in SEO optimization.

Link building has transformed from a focus on quantity to quality.  In the past, reciprocal links and link building could quickly improve a sites organic traffic through acquiring a large number of links from low quality sites.  Google and other search engines realized that this was a problem and changed their algorithm to prevent spammy link building. They put more of an emphasis on quality and related sites and less on just the number.   As shown above, link building remains a key element of Search Engine algorithms. However, the method to acquire links has changed drastically.

Contact Emboodo for a free link building consultation to begin building your online network and increasing your ranking.

February 15th, 2011

A recent survey by The American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Facebook was in the bottom 5% of user satisfaction amongst private sector companies.

Part of the dissatisfaction stems from the constant tweaks and updates that Facebook implements to all elements of their site. On March 1, Facebook will be implementing significant change to Facebook changes.

Emboodo’s Social Media Optimization department can help you promote your business on Facebook, and make the most out of these new features.

The two features we are most excited about utilizing are:

  1. Increased Page Functionality: Facebook Pages are now permitted to interact on other pages. This feature allows Pages to expand their reach beyond the limitations of their own page directly to other Facebook communities.Facebook Page Update
  2. Photo Strip: Adding a photo strip to Facebook Pages increases the interactiveness and personalization of your page. The strip will only include photo’s added by the page, not fans –but can be edited to highlight certain photos or to make a photo collage.Facebook Page Photo Strip

Some other features include:

  • Navigation moved to the left of the page
  • Wall filter options
  • Ability to set default for email and notification settings
  • Profile picture size reduced from 200×600 pixels to 180×540
  • Feature pages and admins
  • Additional mutual friends and interests section
  • Ability to feature iFrame applications

You can adopt the new layout earlier than March 1. However, once you upgrade you cannot revert back to the old page.

Contact Emboodo for a free consultation about upgrading your Facebook page, and increasing your business through social media.

February 11th, 2011

Managing your personal and professional reputation is not just an added benefit, but rather something that has become necessary.   Before even interacting with a company or meeting a new person, it is common to check out what the virtual world says.  If the results are negative, it is likely you will lose an opportunity before it even started.

So, how does reputation management work?

  1. Understand your brand. Start by closely monitoring your web presence.  Set up mail and business intelligence alerts, and respond to conversations.
  2. Think about the user. Provide useful content, which will enhance users experiences.
  3. Be pro-active. Take control of your brand and develop media rich content to replace negative results on the web.
  4. Develop a corporate image. LinkedIn and other social networks are your property.  Build a professional business page using keywords, set guidelines for employees, add events, post content and answer questions.
  5. Google is your friend. Work with Google not against them.  Understand what search engines are looking for, and optimize based on that information.

Reputation Management

Here at Emboodo, we have developed advanced reputation management methods to ensure you are in control of your online image.  Contact us for a free assessment, and begin changing what the web thinks of you.
December 31st, 2010
Search is not something static and constant.  Rather, the way people search is constantly evolving based on trends, current events and new technology.

According to Google Zeitgeist, Chatroulette was the fastest rising query in 2010.
2010 search trends

These terms look very different than the fastest rising searches from 2009
2009 search trends

Search also varies greatly by country.  For example, the entire world was captivated by the World Cup, but some countries cared more than others:

At Emboodo, we understand the importance of monitoring search trends and keywords, so that our clients become early adaptors who utilize rising terms before they peak by utilizing advanced web analytics.

Of the various tools and resources we use, my two most favorite are:

  1. News and social alerts that I have set up to crawl the web and automatically notify me about specific trends and keywords
  2. Google Trends to find the latest hot topics and hot searches.  Google details interest in the topics/searches by date and “hotness” level.

It is impossible to determine what the 2011 Zeitgeist will look like.  Will a serious news story surpass terms such as Michael Jackson and Chatroulette, or will Snookie do something so outrageous that she makes the list?

Only time will tell, but one thing for sure is that we will be paying close attention and reacting to the trends.  It should be an interesting and exciting year! Contact us for a free web consultation, and to start monitoring your web trends and keywords.

December 27th, 2010 is the Official Aruba Government and Tourism portal and a high volume website.  Emboodo just released a case study about the technology and performance based SEO methods that we utilize for the site.

Download the Aruba Case Study to learn more.

SEO funnel

November 2nd, 2010

Facebook can be an excellent tool to build your brand and drive targeted traffic to your website.  Creating a fanpage take about 5 minutes.  However, creating a successful page takes a bit longer.

Facebook is somewhat limited in the options available to customize your page outside of the standard template – especially if you don’t have a huge budget to create a flashy welcome page. “Making lemonade out lemons” may be a tired cliche, but that doesn’t make it less true. Read the rest of this entry »

November 1st, 2010

Popularity contests don’t end in high school. Rather, the importance of being popular stays with us through adulthood. Search engines understand the importance of being popular, and deem those sites more valuable.

Link building is an important method to build popularity (and thereby more traffic) for your site. However, in the same way that having 100 nerds like you means nothing whereas 1 friendship with a movie star can make you the most popular kid in school — not all links are created equal, and in the world of link building quality is much more important than quantity. Read the rest of this entry »

October 1st, 2010

SEO and SMO tactics to bring traffic and results to your website.

2010 is already here and bringing new opportunities and advancements. These 10 easy to follow SEO tips will ensure you stay on top of changes and boost your online performance.SEO and SMO tactics to bring traffic and results to your website.

2010 is already here and bringing new opportunities and advancements. These 10 easy to follow SEO tips will ensure you stay on top of changes and boost your online performance. Read the rest of this entry »

August 12th, 2010

You may have noticed that the subject of duplicate content has been a popular subject of debate in recent times. I aim to explain simply what duplicate content is, why it is best avoided and how to prevent your website being penalized by search engines. (By penalized I would like to point out I do not mean Google will remove your site’s index from its search results; rather it will filter out all pages other than what it deems to be the ‘master’ page.) Read the rest of this entry »

April 20th, 2010

Social Bookmarking is the latest craze in the world of Social Media. You will probably have heard the names of some of the largest sites – Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Delicious. The popularity of these Bookmarking Social sites is big and on the increase, which is why anyone interested in SEO needs to understand how to make them work for you! So what exactly is Social Bookmarking SEO? Well, bookmarking is the practice of saving links to websites you would like to remember. Social bookmarking is making those ‘bookmarked’ websites available for others to view and follow. Read the rest of this entry »