SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Emboodo’s approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes technology, content and marketing efforts in order to successfully improve our client’s performance.
SEO is crucial to the success of websites.

Why is SEO important?

  • Better Click-Through Rate (CTR) than advertisement: 75% of users click on Organic results
  • High conversion rate to leads and sales
  • Position Ownership: Lower maintenance once organic position achieved
  • Constantly decrease cost per acquisition and increase ROI

Emboodo brings together technology and marketing teams to create ideas, our SEO  strategy and execution for the highest search engine rankings. Targets are determined for visitors, leads, sales and ROI (return on investment). Working in cooperation with IT departments, we advise your company on improvements to your website which will further your SEO .

Emboodo optimizes per micro segment in order to improve each product within the SEO , solution or service offered by our clients. By determining a tree of categories, sub categories, products and users region/language, we create a site hierarchy. With this  SEO strategy, Emboodo is able to target users with higher conversion rates, build a keyword pyramid with a strong foundation and utilize business intelligence to analyze each section separately.