Ethical SEO


Search Engine Marketing ethics are important to companies that foresee doing Internet business for years to come. To achieve high ranking on search engines and (more importantly) to maintain this position over time, requires ethical and responsible search engine marketing practices.

Companies that promise you top ranking within days or 1-2 months can cause irreparable damage to your online business. Emboodo offers ethical and solid optimization to keep your online business at the top of the search engine results pages and increase your sites performance.

The following are our search engine ethical guidelines to promote online business:

Your website is yours: Emboodo understands that you (the client) is the owner of your website, which you intend to maintain and develop for your business over time. We will not intentionally include content, software programming or any other action which will harm your website.

Your visitors are yours: Emboodo respects your visitors and presents content that is not harmful or offensive to visitors. Emboodo will not include content which is unrelated to your online business.

Search Engines and Directories: Emboodo will not intentionally violate any specifically published and enforced rules of search engines or directories. Emboodo will make every effort to obtain search engines updates and modifications and will adjust our work according to them.

Internet laws violation: Emboodo respects the law of copyright, trademark, spam, ‘phishing’ (attempts to criminally and fraudulently acquire personal, sensitive information) and any other Internet law.

Your competitors: Emboodo will not give services to two or more companies that are competitors without written approval from each one the companies. In case the competition between the 2 or more companies is not clear, Emboodo will conduct itself with full transparency to all parties involved.

Confidentiality: Emboodo’s employees and partners are obliged to protect client information which is not publicly known, as it may cause harm to the client.

Do our best: We want to boost your online performance. Emboodo, its employees and business partners are dedicated to achieving your online marketing goals and giving you excellence service.