How To Social Media

Social Media Optimization Process

Emboodo utilizes a 4 step social process in order to engage your target market and ensure our SMO campaign increases your performance.


Any successful Social Media campaign starts with thorough research and brainstorming about the goals of your company and what you hope to achieve with SMO. When setting up your account in the various social networks, Emboodo focuses on the most effective method to promote your brand to your target market in order to increase your performance.


Through keyword research and our alert systems, Emboodo creates compelling and sticky content to drive potential clients to your social network and ensure they stay once they have arrived.


Creating a stellar profile with interesting and useful content is a good start. However, if nobody ever sees it, the hard work is unlikely to increase your performance. Smart promotion of your social profile to the correct channels ensures that your social media campaign gains attention and results for your company.


Emboodo’s SMO efforts do not finish after the initial setup and promotion. Rather, through Analytics and Business Intelligence, we are constantly evaluating the performance of each social network and tweaking the campaign according to the results.