W2N – Web to Network

Emboodo creates a strong web presence in order to direct targeted traffic to our clients’ networks.


Emboodo implements innovative SEO link building methods such as developing content distribution partnerships to increase clients’ traffic and search engine ranking.

Social Media

Social Media Optimization and Viral Seeding are very powerful tools. Emboodo boosts
traffic and improves performance from “gated gardens” through social networking sites. By utilizing bait and hook methods, Emboodo ensures that visitors from social networks fulfill our clients’ goals.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a strategic tool that Emboodo uses to build and manage client presence on the web. Depending on the needs of individual clients, Emboodo creates a customized Digital PR plan to create brand buzz, increase traffic, target specific audiences and/or control client reputation.


Emboodo’s W2N analytical tools give us a deep understanding of the traffic sources through which visitors arrive to client networks.