Mobile Application Optimizations

Although the process of app store optimization (ASO) is similar to SEO practices, the ASO process is not as complicated as SEO. Here are the optimizations you should be applying to achieve a higher rank in the App Store and Google Play Store search results:

Choosing The Right Keywords for Your App

Keyword research is one of the most important analysis you should do as the first step of your ASO process. Your target audience uses keywords to find the applications they need. Therefore, your keywords should be as relevant as possible to your app. But, you shouldn't only pick the keywords with low volume even if it's easier to reach a better ranking. Because if there aren't enough people looking for the keyword you are trying to rank, it doesn't matter even if you are the first one in the search results. Likewise, if your keyword has a high volume, probably there is a high level of competition as well. If the competition is too high, you want to stay away from this type of keywords, at least for the beginning. Focus on the keywords that are in between these two criteria. Finding keywords that have high volume and low competition might be a challenging task. But if you do strong keyword research, you'll reach your goals quicker. Our advanced keyword research analysis separates us from our competitors. If you need assistance with your keyword research, let's talk.

Optimizing Title and Description

Although the App Store and Google Play Store have different guidelines for ASO, your goal remains the same; making your app stand out from the crowd. Optimizing the title and description area with your keywords helps your app become more visible to your target audience. Your app's title should include your keyword, be remarkable and aligned with your brand identity. Including your keywords in the description can be a good idea too. But the focus of the description area should be informing users about your app. Try to be as explanatory as you can in the title area to let your users know about the benefits of downloading your app.

Take Advantage of the Screenshots of Your App

If you use social media, you already know that images are more popular than texts. Due to our hectic lifestyles, we don't have much time to read. The first thing users do in an app store is to check the screenshots of apps to decide if they want to install an app. That's why you should take advantage of the images. Show users what they are going to find on different pages. This might give your potential users the motivation they need to install your app.

Add Videos

We already mentioned the importance of visual content. Adding images is good. But adding videos is even better. Videos are one of the most powerful media elements for ASO. Add a video that gives your potential users an idea of how to use your app.

emboodo App Store Optimization

emboodo's international ASO crew has the experience and the know-how to make your app a rock star in app store search result pages. If you have any questions or need help with your ASO, let's get in touch.