What is Off-Site Optimization?

On-page optimization is crucial. But it's not the only factor that affects your app's ranking in the app store search result pages. If you did all the necessary on-site optimization and you are still not getting any results, let us remind you of the value of off-site optimization. Constantly promoting your app on the web might make a world of difference between you and your competitor when all other conditions are equal. Simply put, off-site optimization means all the activities performed separately from your own app (and its website) to affect your app's rankings in app store search results.

How To Do Off-Site Optimization?

Off-site optimization entails enhancing search engine bots' and user opinion of an app's reputation. This can be achieved by, what we call in the world of SEO, backlinks. Although there are many link building (backlink) strategies available for different marketing goals, the main goal is to attract search engine bots' attention to get better rankings in app store search result pages. However, depending on your marketing goals and budget, you can shape your link building strategy around the most popular websites your potential users visit.

emboodo's Time-tested Backlink Strategies

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