Importance of User Reviews

Did you know that 49% of smartphone users download apps on a monthly basis? What do you think influences smartphone users to decide which app to download? As you can guess, reviews have the biggest impact. Users consider many factors before they decide to download an app. Price, description, ratings, free trial, reviews, etc. But, user reviews are one of the most crucial and influential criteria that separates an app from its competitors regardless of the type of mobile app. Understanding the importance of reviews will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can focus on the areas that need improvement.

Analysis Of Mobile App User Reviews

If examined right, user reviews can tell you a lot about your app. When it is taken into consideration that reviews are the main motivation for smartphone users to download or buy your app, analyzing your reviews and providing exceptional customer service becomes a necessity. Here at emboodo, our experienced project managers take advantage of the science of statistics to determine an app's reputation. Our reports include manual analysis as well as advanced analysis based on demographics.

Encourage Users To Review Your App

In order to boost the number of positive reviews encourage your users to leave a positive comment with a high rating score. But, keep in mind that timing and the user's emotional mood are the two major elements to take into account while asking for reviews. If you need help with increasing your mobile app's visibility, let's get in touch.