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Link Building: Back to Basics

Confused about what exactly link building is and why it’s still one of the most important SEO techniques? Emboodo is here to help. Link building is the same as references you are asked to give in an interview for a new job. Each one of them counts differently: Implementing a W2W (web-to-web) strategy will enable you to …

Facebook Page Updates

A recent survey by The American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Facebook was in the bottom 5% of user satisfaction amongst private sector companies. Part of the dissatisfaction stems from the constant tweaks and updates that Facebook implements to all elements of their site. On March 1, Facebook will be implementing significant change to Facebook …

Reputation Matters

Managing your personal and professional reputation is not just an added benefit, but rather something that has become necessary.   Before even interacting with a company or meeting a new person, it is common to check out what the virtual world says.  If the results are negative, it is likely you will lose an opportunity before …

The Year of Chatroulette – Understanding Search Trends

Search is not something static and constant.  Rather, the way people search is constantly evolving based on trends, current events and new technology. According to Google Zeitgeist, Chatroulette was the fastest rising query in 2010.                               These terms look very different …

Aruba Case Study

Aruba.com is the Official Aruba Government and Tourism portal and a high volume website.  Emboodo just released a case study about the technology and performance based SEO methods that we utilize for the site. Download the Aruba Case Study to learn more.