Content Generation and Distribution (CGD): Creating Your Platform

Content Generation and Distribution (C.G.D) is, in a nutshell, the creation of optimal content as needed throughout your site that creates a stronger desire and visibility online for your brand or product--both from your site, and from other sites in which you distribute this content to. It’s the skillful composition and distribution of the content that your site so badly needs to entice visitors and keep them wanting more. More importantly, through successful content creation and distribution, you’ll be able to create a stronger overall interest in and desire for your product and your company. Through successful content generation and distribution, you’ll make a lasting impression on all who come across your site--and other sites, as well. Thus, among other vital aspects of SEO and digital marketing, content generation and distribution is an additional element that must be implemented in order to make your digital marketing successful.

Why It Matters: Increase Outreach and Traffic

It’s important for your website to be as appealing and informative as possible. You want to draw people in from search engines, and once they arrive, you want to keep them there--not only in their initial browsing session but in the long term as well. By creating optimal, desirable content and implementing it throughout your site, you can do exactly this. By sending this content to other sites, so that they can also direct traffic to you and your site--and, that’s even better. That’s where content distribution comes in. Strategically placing your web content, and links to your site, throughout various related, similar sites creates a stronger and stronger link and correlation between the topic your site focuses on and your site itself. The more content you can generate and distribute to similar, relevant sites, the more long-term, lasting effects you, your business, and those who seek it will have.

Our Process: How It Works

Here at emboodo we partake in an extensive, comprehensive process in order to ensure optimal content is prevalent throughout your site, and to distribute this content, as well as other content, to other sites as well. This diligent process requires several steps, including, but not limited to: turning keywords into content, writing interesting material, building your network, publishing your work, and tracking the influence of your campaigns. Through proper implementation and completion of these steps, we can ensure that your site will be optimal across all media platforms, it will be universally optimal for a diverse client base.