Building Your Network: Strengthening Ties

Among other aspects regarding digital marketing, it’s very important to build your network and make strong, secure connections for you to utilize, particularly in regards to content distribution. It’s important for you and your business to form strategic partnerships with other similar businesses, in order to form a symbiotic relationship that works in both your favor. This way, you can reach more people and gain more potential customers, while helping smaller businesses get more attention as well. Therefore, it’s essential to create strong partnerships with similar businesses when you want to distribute and promote content for your site.

Making An Impact: Reaching Out for Distribution

In order to gain traffic to your site,  a vital tool in your business’s best interest is to reach out to other online, similar businesses for content distribution. Examples of these include bloggers, small to medium businesses, and smaller, specific online publications. You need to find someone that’s the right size for distribution--someone too small won’t have enough traffic to their site, and someone too big will be more expensive and difficult to get in touch with. That’s why small to medium businesses and sites are perfect for content distribution. When you exchange content with them, the exchange will be beneficial to both parties. It helps you get more traffic to your site by building more links and connections to your site via their site. It helps their site to post content to your site because it gives them high-quality content and, depending on the size of their site, provides publicity and popularity for them as well. Thus, distributing your content creates an optimal situation for both of you, and it’s another vital element in our SEO process.

Our Process: How It Works

Typically, for our content distribution process, we reach out to as many potential businesses as possible, in order to achieve the greatest success rate. This initially involves researching potential businesses to reach out to--we need to find similar websites that have a similar following and target audience. For example, if your website involves architecture design, you want to reach out to similar websites--architecture digests, design sites, etc. We research to find a large number of businesses in your specific market, to find the optimal audience and pertinent businesses to exchange content with. After this, we reach out to these businesses--as many as possible--in order to see if they’d be interested in posting our desired, professionally-written content within their sites, as well as a link to your business’s site. If they agree to this and post the content that we send them, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone.