From Keywords to Content

We explained a bit previously about our keyword research process, and how vital that process is in regards to helping people reach your site. However, when people reach your site, there’s no bigger turnoff than irrelevant content, incorrect grammar, or other issues regarding the quality of the text on the webpage. You’ve done all that work to improve your rankings and become more easily found by consumers, you want to make sure that once you get them to your site, you can keep them there. That’s where we come in. We know how important it is to generate cohesive, readable content throughout your site. Thus, it’s vital that the keywords that we use for each specific webpage are not only included in the content within the page, but that when searchers reach your page with these keywords, the text is logical and user-friendly. Of course, it’s important to drive users to your site, but it’s equally as important to keep them there. By writing relevant, impeccable and precise content throughout your site, we can do exactly this.

How will this help you and your business?

It’s relatively simple--keeping people on your site will lead to more interest in your site. The longer that people stay, the more they’ll come to realize how fantastic your services are, how relevant it is to them, and this will lead to better web traffic, higher conversion rates, a growth in your customer base, and more profit for you and your business in the long run. By making this simple investment in your marketing, to ensure that you have pertinent, relevant content within each of your URLs, you will see these numbers continue to grow and grow. Thus, it’s incredibly important that you implement readable, suitable text that adheres to proper SEO guidelines. Using keyword research to get people to reach your site, combined with significant, engaging content to keep people on your site, will lead to tremendous success for you and your business.

Our Process: How It Works

Here at embooodo, we work with you to create custom content that suits your exact needs. Our team of experts are incredibly competent and knowledgeable, and fully-equipped to create online content for your website in 7 languages. We are passionate about writing just as much as we are passionate about our client success, and our team is full of creative, highly-skilled, analytical content writers. Whatever your need is, we have the knowledge and capability to tailor content to your requirements. We start from the ground up in our writing process, and from a simple topic (or in this particular case, from just the keywords that we want to promote), we work our hardest to write pertinent, intriguing content for the pages within your site, to grab your readers’ attention and keep it on the webpage. We then do this process for each and every page we are promoting within your site, to ensure the utmost successful results for you and your website.