What is A/B Testing?

Digital marketers are constantly looking for ways to increase conversion rates by offering different content and design options. At this point, A/B testing is a handy method that helps digital marketers to decide which campaign option to go with. You can apply this method to any page of your website depending on what you are testing. Basically, A/B testing is testing two alternatives to understand which one produces better results. Let's say you have an overstock product in your warehouse and you decided to run a campaign for it. But, you are not sure if you should make a discount campaign or combine it with one of the top-selling products and offer a package deal. This is a great time to use A/B testing to find out which option brings the highest conversion rates. You can choose 5% of your users to test which campaign is better. Show some of the users the discount campaign and the others the package deal. After measuring the conversion rates pick another 5% to see if they produce the same results. As you can see, you can easily measure your users' reactions to two different campaigns and make a better decision based on the data instead of guessing.

What Should You Test?

A/B testing can be applied to many different areas of your website but here are some of the most common areas that we recommend applying A/B testing for better conversion rates: Call To Action Buttons: The language used on your website is crucial in influencing if your visitors will buy from you or not. Call To Action Button Colors: Colors are extremely important to grab your visitor's attention. Use them wisely. Heading and Page Formatting: Is your title too big? Do you think a non-cursive font would work better? Form Areas: Long and complex form areas will make your visitors run away. Try to simplify your form areas and you'll see the difference in your conversion rates. Image Choice and Positioning: Does the image communicate the right emotions for your visitors? Test it out the make the most out of your visuals. Product Pricing and Format: Especially on e-commerce websites image, heading and pricing of the product are crucial. If you can optimize this trilogy right, you can have high conversion rates with high-profit margins.

Emboodo's A/B Testing

Here at Emboodo, we believe in measurability. But, A/B testing is only useful when you ask the right questions. Stop wasting time and effort in measuring things that don't increase your conversion rates. If you need help with optimizing your PPC campaign, let's get in touch!

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