How To Setup Google Adwords?

You'll need an official company Google account to start your first Adwords campaign. The next step will be a very simple one which is logging in and completing your registration on the Google Adwords control panel.

Which Adwords Campaign is Right For Me?

You can manage a lot of different marketing channels through your Adwords panel. Here are all the campaign types Google has to offer: Search Network with Display Select Search Network only Display Network only Shopping Video Universal app. Emboodo's experienced and international Adwords team will guide you to pick the right campaign type to reach your goals.

Location Setup

We recommend applying location settings for your campaign if you are a local business. Let's say you have a local dry cleaning business in the Denver Metro Area. It'd make sense to display your ad to only Denver residents instead of making it available to all of Colorado.

Language Setup

Setting up your language preferences is another great feature Adwords gives us. With this setting, you can target the searches performed in a specific language.

Budget Management

What will your budget strategy be when your competitor decides to play aggressively? You can adjust how much to increase your offer either automatically or manually. Don't forget to set up your maximum daily budget to prevent a surprise like spending all your monthly budget in one day.

Keyword Selection

At this stage, you are ready to upload your keyword list you've prepared before to your Adwords account. Also, you should decide which landing page is going to be assigned to which keyword. Don't forget to add your advertisement copy to complete your campaign setup and you are all set!

Emboodo's Exclusive Account Setup Services

Thanks to over 15 years of digital marketing experience, Emboodo's Adwords team is ready to turn your marketing goals into reality. If you are not sure how to set up your Adwords campaign or your campaign's performance is not satisfying you, shoot us an email. We can help.

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