How Important Is Advertising Copywriting in Search Engine Marketing?

The quality of the ad copy is one of the most crucial factors for your Adwords campaign. High-quality ad copy will help you increase your click-through rate. Click through rate and quality score are the two main parameters of Google Adwords ranking algorithms. That's why the quality of ad copy plays a major role in your Adwords campaign. Make sure your ad copy is of the highest quality, concise and optimized for your target audience.

How To Craft The Perfect Advertising Copy?

First and foremost, your ad copy should be relevant. The greatest way to make it relevant is to use your keyword in the title and description area of your Adwords copy. Your target audience is using these keywords when they perform a search. You should take advantage of it by making your copy sound as natural as possible around these keywords. Secondly, emphasize discounts and special offers while using the "you" language. When you use the word "you" in your copy, it's easy for the users to engage with your copy. Lastly, don't forget to add the specific call to action sentences and include the keyword in the ad's URL.

Emboodo is The Master Of Crafting Attention-Grabbing Adwords Ads

Here at Emboodo, we understand the importance of creating stunning content. Our international editorial team has considerable experience with ad copy-writing across a variety of industries. We speak the language of your target audience. Let's get in touch if you'd like us to write the perfect Adwords copy for your campaign. Emboodo: we are your SEO company in Israel.