Choosing The Right Keywords Will Help You Reach Your Target Audience

The main purpose of an Adwords campaign is to increase your visibility through the keywords your potential customers use when they perform a search. Thus, your keyword strategy will determine whether your Adwords campaign will be successful or not. While doing your keyword research, try to put yourself in your potential customer's shoes. Here are a couple of useful questions to ask yourself to have a better understanding of keyword research: What do people write to find the product I'm selling? How do people reach out and connect to this blog post I wrote?

Start Your Keyword Research On Your Own Website

Analyzing your website with tools provided by Google such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics is a great way to understand your website's current position. If you don't mind paying, you can use tools like Ahrefs and Moz for analyzing purposes too. After analyzing your website, you can identify the keywords that you are already ranking for. You can think of these keywords as your strengths. Your Adwords campaign can help you become even more powerful for these keywords. Or you can identify the keywords you are not ranking so well with and start working on them. Creating the right keyword strategy depends on your ability to read the market, in other words, your keyword research is paramount here.

Industry Keywords

Unless you are a hacker, you won't have access to other website's Google tools. Thanks to tools such as Ahrefs and Searchmetrics you can analyze your competitor's keywords and determine which keywords they care about more. Also, you can use Google Trends to discover what other relevant keywords are popular or gaining in popularity in your industry.

Finalizing Your Keyword List

After running your internal and external keyword research you are ready to build your keyword list to work on. Upload your keyword list to Google Keyword Planner and check out the volume, competition, cost per click, region, language, and other data to shape your keyword strategy. Since you'll begin your Adwords campaign on the same platform, you can consider this as the last step of your keyword analysis.

How Does Emboodo Do Keyword Research?

Emboodo's international Adwords team has been working in a variety of industries for more than 15 years. Thanks to our proven methods, we can determine which keywords need Adwords and which keywords need organic (SEO) practices for better results. Our SEO company in Israel has its finger on the pulse of the world. If you have questions about keyword research and analysis, feel free to get in touch!