Monitor Your Adwords Campaign

After setting up your Adwords campaign, the most important step is consistently monitoring and tracking your campaign results. Even if your industry doesn't have high competition and your budget is above the industry average, it's always possible to get better results. Thus, never stop monitoring your campaign.

Why Is Monitoring & Tracking Your Adwords Campaign Important?

Tracking your Adwords campaign helps you understand your current position to reach your goals. If you constantly monitor your campaign, you'll be able to manage your Adwords budget more efficiently. You can identify the keywords that bring a lot of traffic but don't necessarily convert to revenue. These are the keywords that take up the major portion of your Adwords budget. Replacing them with the keywords that have a higher conversion rate will assist you to make the most out of your budget. Further, according to your tracking analysis, you can always edit the advertisement copy and other adjustments you made while setting up your campaign.

How Is Emboodo Tracking Adwords Campaigns?

Here at Emboodo, result-oriented work is an inalienable value of our company culture. Our international digital marketing team tracks our client's Adwords projects on a regular basis just like we do with SEO projects. Our experienced project managers identify the areas that can be improved upon in your campaign periodically. We make sure to include positive and negative feedback to our monthly reports to help you take the right action to get closer to your goals.

We are on top of it. We are in the thick of it. We are your SEO company in Israel.