Why do you want SEM?

Before starting your Search Engine Marketing activities you need to ask yourself a very important question. "What is the reason to spend money, effort and time for SEM?" In other words, what are you trying to accomplish with your Adwords campaign? Although making profits is the main goal of every business, each business has different ways to proceed. In general, there are 3 different types of revenue models for online businesses. Content-based Websites: In this model, website owners make money through publishing third-party ads, direct ads, and affiliate marketing. Subscription-based Websites: Usually these are the B2B websites that make money through their subscription model or want visitors to call them directly. E-commerce Websites: These are the websites that sell products directly on their website. Each business models needs different goals and strategies to be successful. What do you want to achieve with your campaign?

Need To Increase Your Brand Awareness?

Multi-sector businesses can use SEM practices to increase brand awareness of their enterprise websites. Adwords campaigns can help companies to stay on top of the rankings through the search queries related to the firm or the industry. Businesses can lie heavily on SEM efforts while establishing a new brand or a sub-brand of an existing brand.

Need More Members?

If you have a subscription-based business model that delivers content to free or paid members of your website, your main SEM goal is to increase your website members. In this case, the keywords you need to use in your campaign should be encouraging your visitors to become a member.

Need Your Visitors to Fill Out A Form?

The main goal of the banking, logistics, and health websites is to have their visitors fill out a form. When the form is filled in by the visitors, these visitors become customers. You can consistently expand your client profile through following up the requests come from these forms. While running an Adwords campaign for this type of websites, the target audience should be the people who are interested in generating new leads.

Need To Maximize The Time Spend On Your Website?

The foremost goal of content websites is to attract more visitors. But, it's important to attract people who are interested in the content you publish. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can measure the time visitors spend on a specific URL. This factor should be taken into consideration while determining target keywords. Visitors who have similar interests to the content you publish more likely ensure high-quality sessions.

Need To Sell Your Products?

Our desire to sell things online is the reason behind why e-commerce websites have the highest competition when it comes to search engine marketing. If you are selling products online, implementing SEM practices into your marketing strategy is a must-have to make the most out of your sales.

Emboodo's Adwords Strategies

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