Analysis & Improvement: Why It Matters

Here at Emboodo we are always striving to continue to better ourselves, our process, and our results. We are constantly envisioning new ways in which we can improve our SEO work for our clients, including their site’s rankings, conversions, and goal achievements. In order to continuously do this, we are constantly analyzing our progress, determining what can be adjusted, and seeking new ways in which we can improve upon our results.

Our Process: How It Works

Because SEO is such an important tool in the world of online marketing and web traffic, it’s important to stay on top of your data: where it currently stands and how you can further enhance your metrics. There are many measures we take here at Emboodo to ensure that we are constantly analyzing and improving upon our work. We take many specific actions in order to analyze our work and improve upon its success on a regular basis.


There are many actions that we partake in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to consistently analyze our work. First and foremost, we are constantly checking our work, in order to see where we stand currently, and how we can improve. For this, we check data within our own proprietary software that includes data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, Yandex, and 5 additional web tools. These analytical tools give us a better idea of how our results are affected by the process that we’re doing--Google Analytics gives us precise numerical specifics, while Google Search Console gives us information regarding problems that need fixing within the site, as well as ideas for new insights regarding ways we can enhance your site’s results. Sometimes we notice that there are flaws in our work, or there is room for growth. When we analyze our work, we can see how our rankings have changed over time, and we can use this information to change our strategy accordingly.


Regarding improvement, we believe that SEO work should be systematic, and we are always optimizing your site day in and day out. Throughout every single of each and every week, we are continuously ameliorating your site in every way in which we can. We are always trying to improve the site, looking for new ways that we can enhance the site constantly, sometimes regarding the re-optimization of your site. Even if we got a lot of traffic, we know that we still have room for even further growth regarding conversions and rankings. We are always thinking of the big picture, and striving to increase our goals and reach new metrics in the long run. It is through this mindset, dedication, and strategy that we can move forward with great strides and deliver greater eminence for your website.