Education: Staying Informed & Up-to-Date

When we think about the world of digital marketing, there is always something new we can learn. The digital world is constantly evolving, and due to this, it’s essential that every good digital marketer is constantly learning, staying informed and updated with the new technologies, systems, and methods across the web, as well as throughout various marketing platforms. We may think we’re expert now, but we’re always growing and learning in more ways than we can count. Thus, it’s incredibly important for us (and everyone in the digital marketing world) to remain constantly learning, advancing their skills and perfecting their craft.

What We Do

Here at Emboodo, we strive our best to ensure that we are informed and up-to-date with all the latest information, techniques, and strategies in order to bring this knowledge base to our clients in order to achieve the best digital outcomes we possibly can. Our education process is ever-evolving, as we are perpetually learning in a variety of new and dynamic ways, both in and out of the office.

Internal training

While there are numerous ways in which we learn, one essential element is internal training from within our office. This starts as part of our employees' initial training process and evolves to be a part of our everyday work routines. We are constantly learning new material and growing as professionals.

External lectures

To learn as much as we can about digital technology, we often attend external lectures. Typically, we gain insight from panels and lecturers to further develop and enhance our level of knowledge on different aspects of the high-tech realm.

Online research and reading

It’s important to read up on the latest topics and trends in the world of digital marketing. That’s why we at Emboodo are constantly researching new topics and learning about our state-of-the-art, ever-changing industry as often as we can.


Synergy is an important part of our work process. Whether it’s partaking in brainstorming sessions, working as a team for various clients, or tag-teaming a challenge, we’re always helping each other out and teaching each other what we can. We truly believe that the more people involved, the more ideas that can be extracted and utilized.


Another way we learn is through mentoring each other. This typically starts with our onboarding process, however, our more senior team members are constantly assisting and mentoring our more junior team members to help them learn and grow.

Experience: supporting and teaching each other

Above all else, we at Emboodo act as a family with one another. It’s a dynamic, high-volume atmosphere in which everyone is constantly sharing ideas with one another, teaching their colleagues, and lending their expertise to make big picture impacts for our clients.