The basics of Link Building: what you need to know

Link building strategy is an incredibly important step within the SEO process. It’s a way in which search engines can begin to recognize your site and to determine where your site should rank within its search engine. To put it simply, links are used by search engines for two main functions--to discover new sites, and to help the search engine determine how well a page should rank within its search results. The bigger presence your site has online, the bigger of an impact this will have for how a search engine recognizes your site, as the two are inter-connected. Link strategy involves the creation of links to the page we want to promote within your site within other referral sites, forums, blogs, etc. in order for search engines to recognize the keyword that we want to promote and realize its relationship with and correlation with the page within your site that we want the keyword linked to.

Why it matters: the building blocks of your online success

Link strategy is tremendously helpful for improving your rankings. The more search engines recognize your website and associate it with the particular keywords we want to promote, the more your site will show up within search engines, and the more people will be able to find your site within these search engines. Using strong keywords and a strong link strategy, your site will become more and more visible within search engines, and more people can find it within their searches. Therefore, a strong link-building strategy is a vital tool for optimizing your website and promoting your business. Better rankings lead to better web traffic, and thus more people viewing your site, more customers, and more revenue for you and your business overall.

Our Process: How it Works

A vital element in the SEO work that we do here at Emboodo involves link building. First, once we’ve completed the keywords to pages process and we know which keywords we want to promote for which specific URLs, we then begin to research the topic or genre in which we aim to build the links for, in order to find relevant opportunities for the links. If we find sites/forums/etc that pertain to the topic, we know that they have an even stronger potential for relevance within search engines. For example, if we are promoting a URL regarding spaces to hear live music, with a keyword such as “best music venues”, we will try to find relevant sites and forums to which we can build links to on this topic--sites regarding venues, regarding music, bands, and any other pertinent content we can find. Once we do this, we can implement our links on these pages, using the correct HTML link code within relevant phrasing, utilizing the keywords we want to promote, connected to the URL we want to use for it. We must then plant and build numerous links across these various mediums online in order to gain momentum, popularity, and web traffic in order to boost our rankings among search engines. We carry out this link building process every day in our offices so that search engines will associate these popular, sought-after keywords with your site’s related URL more and more. Over time, this process is terrifically efficient in promoting the specific keywords to the specific URLs we want to promote, and thus, it ensures that we can improve the rankings for these keywords within search engines.