The role of technology in SEO

We live in a tech-driven world. Technology plays a tremendous role in our day-to-day lives, and as such, it also plays a vital role in the SEO process, its implementation, and its success. There are several aspects of technology that we must consider in our SEO work if we want to achieve results. Regarding optimization overall, we must always ensure that all of the technological elements of the website we are working with are up to speed. Thus, we must ensure that the site is optimal and running smoothly, for both users and browser crawlers, in order to improve users’ experience and make it easier for search engines and users alike to find, access, and make use of your site. So, what tells the browser that your site will be relevant to the user? And more importantly, what tells the user that your result to their search query is the best one? With thousands of options, it can be difficult to decipher what is relevant and what is not. To distinguish between these and set your site apart from all the rest, there are many technical aspects that we need to encompass. Some of this work includes creating meta titles for sites that need them, fixing broken pages, or other technical issues that come up within the website. By incorporating these important technological aspects within your site, we can continue to keep things running smoothly and optimally to rise ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced, modern world.

Why it’s Important: Staying Innovative & Cutting-Edge

Technology plays a huge role in our work and our process of SEO, as we must be sure that our sites are in line with the growth and trends of today’s digital world. The main goal of a good SEO Project Manager is to optimize the website they are working on for both users and browser crawlers, which leads to optimal rankings and results within search engines. Having a strong UI is most important for the user, but before the user lands on your website, they are on a journey, searching for a particular product or service. In order for people to have the fastest, most enjoyable searching and browsing process to lead them to your site, your site must be competitive with the thousands of other innovative, cutting-edge companies to fight off any and all competition. By incorporating the most high-tech, up-to-date principles throughout your site, you can guarantee your site is state-of-the-art and gain a competitive advantage over other similar sites. Because technology is such an important aspect of SEO, it’s critical that your site encompasses the latest technological aspects to reach optimal results.

Our Process: How it Works

Here at Emboodo we adhere to all of the necessary technological elements in all of the SEO work that we do in order to create the most advanced, innovative, and successful outcomes for your website. Our entire team is well-versed in the latest SEO trends, software, and stipulations. As such, our process is ever-changing and evolving as the world of web traffic continues to evolve. We ensure that all technological needs of your site are being met--and if not, we do whatever it takes to fix them. How exactly do we do that? We try to find ways in which the technology could be improved upon within your site, to ensure a smoother, quicker browsing process. This means constantly checking software such as Google Webmasters to ensure that there are no technical issues present on your site, such as redirecting issues, missing pages, or any other potential bottlenecks we come across. Through constant work, thorough checking, and expertise on the technological aspects that lead to the highest level of SEO, our team strives to do our absolute best to get optimal results for you and your site, encompassing all the necessary technological aspects.