Tools: Utilizing Innovative, Cutting-Edge Software

As a company founded by software engineers, emboodo’s methodologies and project management practices heavily rely on different technologies. Some of these technologies were developed in-house, and some are API systems, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, ahrefs and Yandex. The aim of our SEO platform is to increase efficiency of our project managers, monitor our work and discover new SEO opportunities.For each task or topic, don’t rely on one source in particular, but rather collecting data from several sources, processing this data and drawing conclusions to optimize our work.Here at emboodo, we utilize a wide assortment of technological tools to achieve the most up-to-date, advanced results possible. We want to use the most progressive, high-tech software and strategies for our SEO process, from the research to the execution and implementation of our work. Our team is well-versed in the latest analytical software, to identify all the necessary metrics we need to analyze, report on, and improve upon. We use a wide variety of digital marketing tools we use on a regular basis include, and we’re always searching for more--the list keeps growing and evolving as the world of SEO does.

Our Process: How it Works

In order to be as innovative and cutting-edge as possible, it’s important to have the most dynamic, high-tech software at hand. Therefore, we at emboodo use all of the latest technologies in order to take account our consistently growing, advancing world. We are all experts in the software that we use on a regular basis. We know the ins and outs of each technology, and we use it daily to extract the vital data that we need to pinpoint how exactly to deliver you results. Through our knowledge base and progressive utilization of all the necessary tools throughout or work process, we can achieve optimal results for you and your site.