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Social Media Optimization

Have you been told you should be social but don’t know how? Opened a Twitter account but never used it? Want to be on the cutting edge of social technology?  Emboodo smo : social media optimiztion have the answers.

Social Media Optimization and Viral seeding are very powerful tools. However, opening up an account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc ( social media )… will not assist your company unless you understand the best way to use this new and exciting social media.

Emboodo boosts traffic and increases performance from “gated gardens” through social networking and bookmarking sites ( SMO ).

No two companies are the same. Likewise, at Emboodo we understand that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” Social media optimization campaign. For example, Twitter gets lots of buzz – and in fact can bring quality traffic to your site. However, Twitter is not right for all companies. Depending on your industry, investing time and resources into Twitter will not necessarily increase your performance. Through a deep analysis of our clients and their respective industries, we target the social media networks that best fits each company’s needs.

Emboodo generates and optimizes content in order to identify potential members/clients both directly and indirectly. In order to promote websites through social media optimization ( SMO ), Emboodo develops campaigns using communication, collaboration and multimedia.

As a performance based company, throughout the entire social media optimization process, Emboodo focuses on results. We engage users using bait and hook methods so that they will complete your websites goal(s).