Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

Growing Together

A Two-Way Success

Improving ranking and enlarging site traffic may be important, yet they are only a means towards the most important goal - increasing revenue. We’ll think outside the box and find creative ways to help your business grow in new directions.

Organic and Paid

Both Worlds Combined

In Emboodo we believe that organic marketing should be at the heart of every business, and by combining it with paid marketing we know it achieves immediate and profound results. Fact - paid campaigns get better results with a firm organic foundation!

Digital 360

Flexible and Creative Marketing

We provide the marketing umbrella that encompasses all of the necessary elements to elevate your business’ digital persona to new heights. This includes organic and paid marketing in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Amazon and more, as well as a creative team to help you create and refine a new, more accurate business image.

Size Doesn’t matter

Uncompromised Training

As a boutique digital agency, we believe in training fewer, quality employees. With each continuously and personally learning from the knowledge and experience of Emboodo’s CEO, Eli Adry, who has been swimming in the digital marketing ocean since 1999. Together we make a strong and results-driven team.


Always Stay Dynamic

We believe it’s wise to always keep up with industry trends and developments, so we make sure to stay updated, up to date with digital marketing innovations while implementing them, meaning we are always searching for new and original ways to promote our clients.


We Believe in You

We choose to work with our clients because we believe in their business and in their ability to grow and gain success, and also in our ability to help them get there. With a dynamic and always-learning environment, we keep developing by understanding your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to challenge us.


So what is it that we actually do?

In Emboodo we provide 360 digital marketing for our clients - from every direction, using every platform, whatever it takes to get you there. Together we’ll think about your goals and opportunities, we’ll prepare a comprehensive marketing plan for both the near and far future, and finally, we’ll walk you along the planned track until you reach your goals - and beyond.

Whether it’s organic marketing in Google search results, paid campaigns in Facebook or Google, managing your Facebook page, handling your Amazon store, migrating to a new website, writing quality content or any other marketing need - we’re on it.