How we helped FDNA go from 0 to 48K organic sessions promoting a revolutionary software helping parents shorten the diagnosis process from 10 months to 45 days

Fdna Vision

FDNA uses artificial intelligence to detect physiological patterns that reveal disease-causing genetic variations. Their database includes an unprecedented depth of phenotypic and genotypic information associated with more than 10,000 diseases.

Their vision was to make their product B2C and for parents to use their system. This way, parents could undergo the process of identifying possible syndromes in their children in a much shorter time frame than would be possible otherwise. 


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EMBOODO took us from being a product without a website to a brand with a clear, strong message and plan. Their work is thorough, strategic, and well-executed. Because of them, we brought awareness to parents who need FDNA’s database and who would not have found us otherwise. 

Annabelle Amery

Dirctor of Content

Annabelle Amery | Director of Content

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