Analytics Process

Analytics Process

Emboodo uses automatic and manual procedures to generate decision-making tools for our client, giving us the competitive edge.

In order to analyze your online performance, we use 2 different web systems:

  1. Tracking based (also known as Java Script based), such as Google Analytics. These systems usually have better interface design which makes analysis faster. They also allow better integration to your online search engine advertisement and other campaigns.
  2. Web Server log file analysis. Systems such Webtrend and Sawmill give you more raw information about what is happening on your web server. Avoiding user dependency and browser behavior help analyzers perform better.

By using a dual-system method we are able to achieve the following:

  1. Minimize data loss. Direct/Unknown traffic can comprise 20 -25% of your site traffic. This results in imprecision which affect your ability to make informed business decisions. Emboodo’s dual-system methodology decreases the percentage of unknown information on analytics so you can get a complete picture of your online performance.
  2. Finer detail of data (Data Mining). Using our dual-system, we are able to analyze your business right down to the level of product, user and customer. We can advise in advance of industry trends – including your next target market and where you can maximize your return on investment. Using our cross system automatic and manual procedures, we detect failure points along the sales funnel. We can suggest solutions, follow up and see improvement in results.