Mobile Applications

In recent years, people tend to use mobile devices more often instead of the desktop devices for surfing the web. This caused major changes in the world of internet. Digital marketing has no choice but to evolve around these trends. The most noticeable trend we can see is the increasing number and variety of mobile applications. In our day, we perform most of the daily activities through our smartphones via mobile applications. From getting social to shopping groceries, there is an app for almost anything. As wearable technology devices get more popular, mobile apps are gaining more and more importance.

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the strategy of optimizing mobile apps for the goal of gaining a greater position in the app store search results.

Why Is App Store Optimization (ASO) Important?

According to Statista, there are 2.8 million apps available for Android users. Apple's App Store follows Google Play with 2.2 million available apps to download. Considering the high competition in the mobile app industry and over 4 million apps, doing ASO is a wise investment. Because, ASO helps to increase your app's visibility. Needless to say, more visibility will bring more organic downloads. Plus, ASO practices will lower your acquisition costs and ensure a steady income.

How To Do App Store Optimization (ASO)?

The process of ASO is similar to SEO practices. The main steps are keyword research, onsite & offsite optimizations, and monitoring. You can learn more about app store optimizations from the post below.