Yahoo Clues has been around since 2010 as a keyword tool for Search Engine Optimization.   The tool gives deep demographic information about search trends for popular keywords.  Yahoo recently revamped the tool, adding more capabilities and making it more useful for SEO keyword research.  Below is a breakdown of how it works and why you should be using it. You can compare detailed information of several keywords in order to determine which will best improve your sites performance.  The revamped tool gives you insights throughout the world, not just the United States.  For example, Hurriyet and Sabeh are 2 of the largest media companies in Turkey: yahoo clues demographics From Yahoo Clues we learn about the demographics of each keyword:

  • There was a large peak in search volume for “sabeh” in March.
  • Women between 25-34 are the highest percentage of people searching for “sabeh”
  • Men between 35-44 are the highest percentage of people searching for “hurriyet”

Clicking on an age bracket will give you even more detailed information about how women and men in that demographic are searching: yahoo clues age brackets The location factor is particularly helpful if you are trying to target a specific population.  Locations can be broken down into countries, states and cities.  World search trends for “sabeh” versus “hurriyet” are very different: yahoo search locations The Search Flow and Related Searches will help give you a sense of exactly how users are searching for these terms, and give you suggestions of other keywords that may be worth exploring further. yahoo clues search flow Creating a successful keyword map is the foundation of a successful SEO project.   Enjoy exploring Yahoo Clues as part of your detailed keyword research!