We are now living in a post-farming update world, which means that finding creative and effective link building methods is more important and challenging than ever. One of the most effective methods I have found is guest blogging. Here is our 5 step approach to guest blogging for SEO:

  1. Find blogs: Niche blogs connected to your industry will work best, because they are more likely to be interested in your content and because the link they share with you will be relevant.
  2. Approach blogs: Explain to your niche blogs why you are an industry expert, and why they should want you as a guest blogger.
  3. Develop unique content: If you are working with a website with quality content, this step will be easier – and you just need to modify their content so that it is unique and fits the blog you are connecting with.  If your website does not have quality content, write a short and interesting article you can use.
  4. Submit content: Make sure you follow all of the blog requirements so that they accept your post.
  5. Follow up: Stay in touch with the blog to ensure your post stays live, and so you do not need to re-build the relationship when you are ready to submit a new guest blog post.

guest blogging for seo