What is Google Display Network?

It's a paid and handy Google service that enables you to show your ads on more than 2 million websites and reach 90 percent of internet users by doing so. Thanks to Google Display Network, you can display your ads to targeted audiences throughout the world.

Advantages of Google Display Network

Implementing Google Display Network to your marketing strategy will enable you to reach out to your target audience all over the world through platforms such as websites, mobile applications Gmail and YouTube. While Google Adwords allows you to target users when they perform a search through keywords, with Google Display Network you can show your ad to the users who didn't perform a search yet but might be interested in your products or services.

Google Display Network Targeting

Thanks to the advanced targeting capabilities of Google Display Network, you can reach your target audience while they are reading content on a website or a mobile application which includes one of the keywords related to your products or services. Also, you can grab your target audience's attention while they are watching a video on YouTube that's related to the products or services your business offers. Let's say you own a business that sells tents. When you join the Google Display Network, your ad might appear on a camping website. Hence, internet users can reach your ad without searching "tents" on Google. You have the option to show your ads to a specific group of people too. For instance, you might want to show your ad to only male users aged between 18 to 25 years old. Plus, you can filter your target audience based on a website or a location.

How can Emboodo help you with Google Display Network?

Emboodo's international project managers have extensive experience and knowledge in Google Display Network across different industries. We can guide you through our time-tested targeting methods. Emboodo is your SEO company in Israel. If you want to increase your sales and visibility with Google Display Network, Emboodo is ready to help you find new opportunities for your business. Let’s talk.