Tell Me Your Competitors and I'll Tell You Who You Are

Before you begin your SEM efforts, you should analyze your competitors in your industry. Cost per click (CPC) value is a dynamic variable because it might change according to your competitor's strategy. Thus, you should analyze your competitors on a regular basis. You can think of Adwords as more of a chess game than an individual branch of athleticism. Because you need to watch your competitors moves' closely and position yourself accordingly. Due to the dynamic structure of Adwords, competitor analysis is a crucial stage as the first step of your search engine marketing efforts.

Which Keywords Do Your Competitors Rank For?

The major part of the SEM competitor analysis is about keywords. Your potential customers are using a variety of keywords to find the products or services your company offers. But, how should you allocate your budget for these keywords? How much should you spend on which keywords? Fundamentally, these questions are the milestones in Adwords campaigns. Thus, you should know the relevant keywords your competitors pay attention to.

Market Analysis For Google Shopping

Besides your Adwords campaign, you might want to sell your products on Google Shopping. But, your competitors will be there as well. In order to get your share of the market, you need to be able to read the competition and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Running comprehensive market analysis will help you identify the necessary optimizations such as what kind of product photos are getting more sales or how can you write a different product title that is more relevant to your target audience.

How To Write An Advertising Copy That Sells?

You'll use your specified keywords in the blue title and black description areas. After this point, writing a copy that sells is a form of art that requires creativity. Emboodo's international content team has been writing advertising copies that turn visitors into customers for more than 15 years. As an SEO company in Israel with Hebrew and native English speaking talent, we cover the advertising copy you need both in Israel and internationally. If you need help with your Adwords campaign, let’s get in touch!