What Is SEO Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process by which we analyze the product that we want to promote in order to find the most relevant, sought-after keywords for it. The keywords that people search for the most are the ones we want to use within search engines to draw them into your site. Once we find the appropriate keywords, ensuring that they’re the most relevant and have the highest search volume, we can target exactly how to increase your site’s web traffic. So essentially, keyword research is the very first step in the SEO process.

Why is Keyword Research important for you and your business?

In order to improve a site’s appearance and ranking within search engines, it’s important to first understand how to get users to your site via search engines. The first step in this process is keyword research: researching, analyzing, and understanding the ways in which users are searching for your site, or your competitors’ sites, via search engines. With any search engine, users type in various keywords or phrases until something that’s relevant to what they were searching for appears--typically they won’t bother looking past the first page of results. Therefore, it’s vital that we as the SEO experts know exactly what keywords are being used by consumers and which keywords are most relevant for your site through strategic keyword research. Utilizing and implementing relevant, sought-after keywords for the SEO of your site will make you more visible to more people through search engines, bringing new prospects to your company and creating more leads, customers, and profit for you and your business.

How it Works: Our Method

To perform keyword research, we must do what this term implies: research keywords. To conduct this research, we utilize various software and tools including, but not limited to: Google AdWords and Google Search Console, or search engines themselves, to see what keywords people are searching for most frequently. We also use strategic insight to trace consumers’ steps and look at how users arrive to your site or your competitor’s sites. Through the utilization of several web traffic tools, we perform specific, in-depth research to gain insight in regards to which keywords are ideal for your site to focus on and incorporate. With our specialized keyword research, we can truly understand how users are searching for your site or its competitors, and how we can implement these keywords in our SEO process in order to get more consumers to your site and accomplish the best results.