On-Page Optimization: Meta Titles & Descriptions

We at Emboodo know everything there is to know about SEO and how to achieve tremendous results from search engines. We know all the work that’s involved in optimizing your site, including just what it takes to get you to a higher ranking, to generate more web traffic, and to drive more users to your site. As mentioned briefly previously, SEO is divided into two main categories: off-page and on-page optimization. So what exactly do those include? Well, essentially, they are the two main categories of tactics that must be implemented in order to optimize your site within search engines. Off-page optimization involves getting viewers to your site via all the methods to improve your site. On-page optimization, on the other hand, aims to keep them there. On-page optimization refers to all of the steps taken to optimize content within a webpage in order to improve rankings and search results. This includes making sure that the content is the optimal length, the text on the page is correct and coherent, and most importantly, writing optimal meta tags and descriptions for search engines within each page within the website.

Why It’s Important: Becoming User-Friendly in Google

Sure, you want customers to view your website, but how will they get to your site if they can’t even find it? We at Emboodo make sure that each page we aim to promote and develop stronger web traffic to within your site looks great, both on and off the page. This is incredibly important to be sure of within search engines: your site must be visually appealing within sites like Google, so that people will want to click on it. After all, why would they want to select your site in particular? There are thousands of other potential landing pages they could reach after they search for the high-volume, in-demand keywords we mentioned previously: what sets your site apart from the rest? By writing descriptive, relevant meta titles and descriptions for within your site, as well as engaging content that adheres to the necessary criteria, you’ll continuously draw new users to your site and make it easier and easier for users to find via search engines. Better on-page optimization makes it easier for consumers to find your site, which means attracting more consumers to your site, more web traffic, more conversions and thus, more profit for you and your business.

How It Works: Our Method

This process involves writing meta titles & descriptions that appeal to consumers, aiming to ensure that the way the page appears within search engines is accurate, descriptive and enticing. We at Emboodo know exactly what it takes for the strongest on-page optimization, as we work our hardest to write dynamic, engaging, relevant text for our clients’ websites, both on-and off-page. We make sure that the meta titles and descriptions we use to describe our product are the correct length, format, and style to adhere to exactly what our client desires, while always ensuring that they will receive optimal traffic and improved rankings within search engines. The titles and descriptions we create must also utilize the keywords that we researched since these are the terms people are searching for. They should be a combination of concise yet descriptive writing with the implementation of sought-after keywords. Upon completion of our detailed writing process, we then implement these specific titles and descriptions for the pertinent URLs within the website we aim to promote. Within days, these updates can be seen within search engines such as Google, and you’ll start to see your website’s rankings improve and flourish.