Digital Marketing Technology

Digital marketing has been around for the past 30 years or so, and its development has run parallel to the development of the digital world. Every website or business owner knows that if you’re not on Google’s first search results page if you’re not performing like a superstar across social networks or placing paid ads on other websites, it’s like a tree falling in the forest. No one can hear you. There’s a lot more to digital marketing than just Facebook posts or using Google Business Profile, utilizing the right technology is essential in order to gain your website to the popularity it deserves and thus increase the number of customers and sales. So what are the main technologies used for digital marketing?

SEO Technology

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of achieving a higher ranking and appearing in a higher place in the search engines’ results pages. You can do some of the SEO work yourself, yet the best practise will be achieved using SEO experts, as technology takes SEO to the next level. Here are some examples of technologies used for SEO, SEM, Measurements and Analytics:


Sitemap.xml notifies Google when changes are made to your website pages. Whenever you modify, update or add new pages to your site, you want Google to learn about it so it can crawl and index the new/modified pages. It’s important to create a dynamic sitemap.xml to prevent the need for manually updating the file every time something changes on or in the website.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP enables the creation of website pages that are faster and run more smoothly, and that are compatible across an array of browsers and devices (mobile and desktop). Since the page-load speed is crucial for a good SEO score, building your website pages using AMP can improve the user experience and the SEO effect at the same time.


Normally performing a search in the Google search engine leads to a search results page showing the following parameters for each result: Meta Title, Meta Description, URL and Published Date. Schemes can be used to inform Google and other engines of other crucial information, and to improve the chances of it being shown. For example, product price, internal links.  Schemes can be implemented via GTM quite easily.

Google Scripts

AdWords Scripts are JavaScript code snippets that allow for better campaign management through automated functions and interaction with external data. Google Ads scripts allow you to control Google Ads data with only a basic knowledge of JavaScript. Many scripts can make the marketer’s life easier, such as a script that helps you improve your keywords and ads strategy by understanding how Google evaluates its relevance or a script that pauses keywords with no impressions. This means great efficiency, increased productivity and reduced costs.

GTM - Google Tag Manager

If you want to understand the meaning of GTM, let’s talk about Switzerland. Switzerland is known for being a neutral country, the same as GTM which is a custom area within the website code that remains neutral. GTM allows you to add any type of code you need to measure variables or code elements to add new extensions or features. While Google Analytics is the place to analyze the website’s data, Google Tag Manager is where we implement the GA and the events we want to see in GA.

Custom dimensions and metrics

The next step to improve your website’s Analytics measurements is the addition of custom and relevant parameters to optimize your SEO management. Let’s look at an example,  You have an AB testing platform that redirects the users to the same page but with different elements or colors. You would like to compare the conversion rate between the 2 versions either in numbers or percentages, and here is where Custom dimensions and metrics comes into play. Another popular use is if you want to discover how much time users spent watching a video on your website and what the video percentage they have watched is.

Digital marketing technology plays an important role when working on large scale projects. Over the years EMBOODO has gained expertise in various projects working alongside multinational airlines, large classified portals, and online newspapers.