Confused about what exactly link building is and why it’s still one of the most important SEO techniques? Emboodo is here to help. Link building is the same as references you are asked to give in an interview for a new job. Each one of them counts differently: link building strategies Implementing a W2W (web-to-web) strategy will enable you to create a web of traffic through link building.  Each network should be interconnected to each other and back to your site.  The networks will strengthen each other which in turn will strengthen your website. Link Building is constantly evolving and redefining itself to meet search engine requirements.  A recent estimate of Google’s algorithm found that when determining a sites rank found the following:

  • 20%: Anchor text of External links
  • 22%: Link popularity of specific pages
  • 24%: Trust/Authority of Host Domain
  • 5%: Social Media Metrics
  • 6%: Traffic and CTR data
  • 7%: Registration and hosting data
  • 15%: On-Page Keywords usage

Link building is almost 50% of Google’s algorithm, and therefore a vital element in SEO optimization.
Link building has transformed from a focus on quantity to quality.  In the past, reciprocal links and link building could quickly improve a sites organic traffic through acquiring a large number of links from low quality sites.  Google and other search engines realized that this was a problem and changed their algorithm to prevent spammy link building. They put more of an emphasis on quality and related sites and less on just the number.   As shown above, link building remains a key element of Search Engine algorithms. However, the method to acquire links has changed drastically.
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