Reputation Matters

Reputation Matters


Managing your personal and professional reputation is not just an added benefit, but rather something that has become necessary.   Before even interacting with a company or meeting a new person, it is common to check out what the virtual world says.  If the results are negative, it is likely you will lose an opportunity before it even started. So, how does reputation management work?

    1. Understand your brand. Start by closely monitoring your web presence.  Set up mail and business intelligence alerts, and respond to conversations.
    1. Think about the user. Provide useful content, which will enhance users experiences.
    1. Be pro-active. Take control of your brand and develop media rich content to replace negative results on the web.
    1. Develop a corporate image. LinkedIn and other social networks are your property.  Build a professional business page using keywords, set guidelines for employees, add events, post content and answer questions.
    1. Google is your friend. Work with Google not against them.  Understand what search engines are looking for, and optimize based on that information.

Reputation Management

Here at Emboodo, we have developed advanced reputation management methods to ensure you are in control of your online image.  Contact us for a free assessment, and begin changing what the web thinks of you.