You all remember this story. As Snow White has grown older and has become much more beautiful, the mirror’s daily answer to the Evil Queen’s daily question was changed, to her dissatisfaction. The Evil Queen expected it to say that “You’re the fairest of them all” as usual, but this time it declared Snow White to replace her in the Fairest Woman in the Land contest.

If this story was to occur today, then her evil majesty would have probably replaced the enchanted mirror for a tablet and a Google Chrome browser. Then she would have asked us to promote her as the fairest of them all, and we would have done SEO work on her website for the search term “fairest”.

Then the Evil Queen would entered this search term in the Chrome browser: “Google Google in my pad, who’s the fairest of them gals”. And the first search result would always be: “”.

No competition, no need to send the huntsman after her daughter in law, no need to put Snow White in a coma – problem solved!