What is the point of a blog?

What is the point of a blog
What is the point of a blog

What is the point of a blog?


Smart content marketing explained.

Rebecca Tomasis, Emboodo Content Writer

If you have ever found yourself asking, ‘What is the point of a blog?’ and ‘why does my business need one?’ this might be just the article for you. In this post, we are going to address why blogs are so important, and what they can mean for your business in terms of smart marketing strategies and boosting your SEO, that is your search engine optimization – where google ranks you in its searches. 

Essentially a quality blog will help you to connect your audience with you, your brand and what you do. A blog is a dynamic, easy to manage way to showcase your knowledge and to share it with a wider audience. You can use your blog to build a relationship with potential clients, through the sharing of your experience and expertise. 

But where the power and influence of your blog really come into play is with the role it plays in your SEO direction and results. Google loves regularly updated, high-quality content and the best way to please Google is with a great blog. 


How to write a great blog

We have put together some top tips on what makes for successful and effective blog management and a sum up of what the point of a blog is:

  • Regularly updated content, through a blog, tells Google that your website is still current and relevant. This keeps it indexed regularly, and ensures it has the opportunity to occupy a higher place in search rankings. 


  • Reduce your bounce rate and encourage visitors to stay longer on the website, which means Google recognizes it as more relevant, granting it a higher ranking. Good content can also encourage your website visitors to explore further within your website, allowing them to find something about what you do that interests them, or that relates to a need they have, thus also generate leads and potential customers for you.


  • Utilize long-tail keywords, allowing you to target your specific audience better, and drive more relevant visitors to your website. Long-tail keywords allow you to really express what it is you do, in a focused way, And it helps you to attract visitors to your site who understand what you do.


  • Build internal links, Google just loves internal links. Without the website content, and inner pages, you have no way to build these links. Create the content, build the internal links between different pages and content within your website, and Google will recognize and reward them accordingly. The more content you have, the more website pages you can create, the more internal links you can build. 


  • External links are more difficult to attain, they are the elusive holy grail of SEO, but a good quality blog helps, and others will link to your website if you have high-quality content. Time invested in building a reputable blog is credibility earnt in Google’s rankings, which makes for smart content marketing.


  • Others share it, Google ranks it higher. Which brings us full circle to building your brand awareness, and connecting to audiences who can become leads and customers. Good quality content has the potential to be shared over and over again, by people who understand and enjoy it. This is invaluable online exposure for your website, for your brand, for your business.  


Just before we go –

What do you need to keep in mind when writing and publishing a quality blog?

The key is high-quality content. It must be well written, and show that you understand and know your subject well. Blog posts should interest and engage, and the content, style, and format should be interesting and dynamic. 

Understand your audience and what will attract and maintain their attention – for some this is technical information and language, for others, it is humor and a more light-hearted take on subjects and information. Know your audience and write accordingly. 

Smart content marketing means investing the time and effort to produce a good quality,  regularly updated blog. Set a timetable for writing and updating blog posts to your site, and stick to it. 

Don’t forget your keyword research. Content without quality keyword research behind it is just content. Your blog should aim to be made up of smart marketing content. Effective keyword research will empower your blog content when it comes to SEO results, and thus enable more people to see your content and engage with it in order to drive results. 

Keyword research can be a really fun, in-depth process that requires a great deal of understanding about what you are writing about, as well as an understanding of the tools that enable good keyword research – including Google Search Console, Google Ads, SQ, Ahrefs, and others. First, know your content and your audience, then you can turn to the technology to guide you. 

As a leading smart content marketing company in Israel, we know what it takes to research, design and publish quality content. Our content writers write regularly for our clients on a wealth of topics, from tourism and travel to semiconductors and chipset to military hardware and medical devices. 

Be in touch today for the very best in content curation. 


What is the point of a blog?