What does Google Plus mean for SEO?

What does Google Plus mean for SEO

Google + is hoping to be the next big social thing.  Whether it will succeed or not is up for debate (and unsurprisingly has been debated all over the world).  I found Tom Anderson’s prediction that both social networks will survive and keep different niche purposes interesting (although maybe I am biased because the MySpace […]

The end of an era (for checking Yahoo backlinks)

The end of an era (for checking Yahoo backlinks)

Yahoo has been threatening to shut down Yahoo Site Explorer for quite awhile now, and later this year it will officially be shut down. What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization? Yahoo Site Explorer, has been one my preferred methods for checking back links because it gives far more detail than Google.  Yahoo claims […]

Find the missing clues to keyword research

Find the missing clues to keyword research

Yahoo Clues has been around since 2010 as a keyword tool for Search Engine Optimization.   The tool gives deep demographic information about search trends for popular keywords.  Yahoo recently revamped the tool, adding more capabilities and making it more useful for SEO keyword research.  Below is a breakdown of how it works and why you should […]

Why SEO for multimedia matters

Why SEO for multimedia matters

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Images not only enhance your site by adding color and a pretty picture, they are also important for SEO. In the past year, Google has begun incorporating videos and images into SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and giving them more and more importance. Today, Google began […]

Google Correlate: New Keyword Research Tool

Google has introduced a new tool to its labs called Google correlate, that I have been having fun using for clients. It is great for understanding search patterns and how search changes over time, or in different states in order to improve your search engine optimization. It basically works like Google Trends in reverse.  Instead […]

Guest Blogging is the new Article Submission

We are now living in a post-farming update world, which means that finding creative and effective link building methods is more important and challenging than ever. One of the most effective methods I have found is guest blogging. Here is our 5 step approach to guest blogging for SEO: Find blogs: Niche blogs connected to […]

Why does global social search matter?

Google’s Social Search has been around since 2009. Google has been tweaking it since then, and this week will roll out the feature in 19 languages throughout the world. They also plan on introducing +1 to people outside the U.S. shortly. This is important, because it changes the way results are displayed and increases the […]

Site Migration SEO Survival Kit

Imagine: For months you have been planning to launch a new site.  The design looks great, the content is engaging and you are excited about the update.  However – the site launches, your traffic drops dramatically, and you are never able to recover from the loss. Migration to a new site can significantly damage a […]

Link Building: Back to Basics

Confused about what exactly link building is and why it’s still one of the most important SEO techniques? Emboodo is here to help. Link building is the same as references you are asked to give in an interview for a new job. Each one of them counts differently: Implementing a W2W (web-to-web) strategy will enable you to […]

Facebook Page Updates

A recent survey by The American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Facebook was in the bottom 5% of user satisfaction amongst private sector companies. Part of the dissatisfaction stems from the constant tweaks and updates that Facebook implements to all elements of their site. On March 1, Facebook will be implementing significant change to Facebook […]